California Records Highest Daily COVID Cases And Deaths

California, which is the new coronavirus hotspot in the United States, recorded its highest daily number of new infections and deaths Wednesday.

With 11,904 additional infections reporting in the last 24 hours, the total number of cases in the most populous U.S. state reached 421286, as per Johns Hopkins University’s latest data.

157 people died of COVID in the same period, taking the total number of casualties in California to 8047.

California had overtaken New York as the worst-affected state in terms of total coronavirus infections earlier this week.

With 68,773 additional infections reporting in the last 24 hours, the total number of cases in the United States reached 3902135 Wednesday.

Total deaths in the country reached 143190 as 1122 more people succumbed to the viral attack, marking the highest daily death toll since May 29.

Also on Wednesday, Texas reported its worst number of daily deaths – 197.

Currently, California has the third-highest average infection rate in the United States behind Florida and Texas, which means the pandemic that initially hit hard in the Tri-State Region has shifted to the southern and western regions of the country.

Meanwhile, global infections topped 15 million.

Following is the latest state-wise infection and casualty data of the worst-affected regions.

New York (32558 deaths, 408886 infections), New Jersey (15707 deaths, 177645 infections), Michigan (6388 deaths, 83730 infections), Massachusetts (8468 deaths, 114320 infections), Louisiana (3558 deaths, 99354 infections), Illinois (7540 deaths, 166475 infections), Pennsylvania (7077 deaths, 108187 infections), California (8047 deaths, 421286 infections), Connecticut (4406 deaths, 48223 infections), Texas (4439 deaths, 363615 infections), Georgia (3335 deaths, 152302 infections), Virginia (2051 deaths, 80393 infections), Maryland (3405 deaths, 80172 infections), Florida (5345 deaths, 379619 infections), Indiana (2863 deaths, 58673 infections), Ohio (3235 deaths, 78742 infections), Colorado (1771 deaths, 41680 infections), Minnesota (1592 deaths, 47961 infections), Arizona (2974 deaths, 150609 infections) Washington (1468 deaths, 49247 infections), North Carolina (1732 deaths, 105276 infections), Mississippi (1423 deaths, 47071 infections), Tennessee (888 deaths, 83730 infections), Alabama (1364 deaths and 71813 infections) South Carolina (1285 deaths, 75042 infections) and Missouri (1159 deaths, 36497 infections).

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