COVID-19: These Countries Are Running Low on Oxygen

As COVID-19 has spread across the world, one of the most precious commodities has become oxygen, used to treat terribly ill people. There are consistent accounts, most recently in India, where oxygen has run low in some regions and this has caused deaths. Several nations have the most severe problems, which may get much worst.

According to the Guardian, “Dozens of countries are facing severe oxygen shortages because of surging Covid-19 cases, threatening the ‘total collapse’ of health systems.” To locate the countries where this problem is the worst, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism looked at data from the Every Breath Counts Coalition and non-governmental organizations PATH and Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI). It also examined global vaccination rates. It found that 19 nations faced extreme risk.

The experts from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism wrote:

As of this month, 19 countries around the world – including Argentina, Colombia, Iran, Nepal, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, Costa Rica and South Africa – need more than 50,000 cubic metres a day for coronavirus patients. That need has risen rapidly between mid-March and mid-May. In nearly all of these countries, fewer than one in 10 people have received a dose of a vaccine.

Other nations that made the list were Bangladesh Jordan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

Click here to read the entire Bureau of Investigative Journalism report.

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