Daily COVID-19 Cases In US Fall Below 70000

Daily coronavirus cases in the United States fell back to below 70000 levels at the weekend.

With 61,487 additional infections reporting in the last 24 hours, the total number of cases in the country reached 37,73,260 Sunday. Also, COVID deaths were receding over the weekend.

With 415 additional deaths, total number of victims of the disease reached 140534, as per Johns Hopkins University’s latest data.

Daily coronavirus cases in the United States had broken record three times last week, with the number of infections crossing 77000 Friday.

Following is the latest state-wise infection and casualty data of the worst-affected regions.

New York (32446 deaths, 404775 infections), New Jersey (15665 deaths, 176501 infections), Michigan (6348 deaths, 79839 infections), Massachusetts (8380 deaths, 112581 infections), Louisiana (3485 deaths, 86411 infections), Illinois (7452 deaths, 159082 infections), Pennsylvania (6984 deaths, 103075 infections), California (7490 deaths, 364835 infections), Connecticut (4389 deaths, 47750 infections), Texas (3657 deaths, 305854 infections), Georgia (3105 deaths, 131287 infections), Virginia (2007 deaths, 74431 infections), Maryland (3347 deaths, 75664 infections), Florida (4677 deaths, 315775 infections), Indiana (2795 deaths, 54080 infections), Ohio (3103 deaths, 70601 infections), Colorado (1745 deaths, 38708 infections), Minnesota (1566 deaths, 44374 infections), Arizona (2492 deaths, 134613 infections) Washington (1427 deaths, 44313 infections), North Carolina (1607 deaths, 93708 infections), Mississippi (1308 deaths, 39797 infections), Tennessee (796 deaths, 71540 infections), Alabama (1230 deaths and 61088 infections) South Carolina (1070 deaths, 64083 infections) and Missouri (1121 deaths, 30873 infections).

Even as COVID-19 cases continued to rise, President Donald Trump said he would not make it compulsory for all Americans to wear masks.

“No I want people to have a certain freedom, and I don’t believe in that,” Trump said in reply to a question in an interview with Fox News.

“I’ll be right eventually. I will be right eventually. You know I said, “It’s going to disappear. I’ll say it again,” Trump said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Besides the United States, COVID-19 pandemic is getting much worse in countries such as Brazil, Mexico and India.

According to Johns Hopkins, the world has crossed 14.5 million confirmed COVID-19 cases and more than 600,000 deaths.

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