Europe Partly Eases Lockdowns With Signs Of Slowdown In Pandemic

Some European countries started easing lockdown seeing slowdown in COVID-19 pandemic in parts of the continent, while a total of 2,426,785 confirmed cases have been reported globally.

The global pandemic so far claimed the lives of 166,122 people, as per the latest data provided by worldometer.

A total of 636,629 others have recovered from the deadly disease.

The death toll in the United States, the country where most number of people died of COVID-19, crossed 40,000 with more than 760,000 confirmed cases by Monday.

Protests against lockdowns are taking place in various states in the country defying “stay-at-home” orders issued by state governors..

Italy is the second worst-affected country with 23,660 deaths and 178,972 infections.

But Spain is far worse than Italy in the number of people testing positive for coronavirus.

The number of infections in the country crossed 200,000 Monday, while their death toll topped 20000.

The news for relief for both the countries is that the number of deaths in Italy was the lowest in a week, and Spain registered its lowest daily death toll in nearly a month.

Smaller shops reopened in Germany after deciding the outbreak is coming under control.

Some markets and other small businesses will restart in the Czech Republic.

India relaxed some of its restrictions Monday, while New Zealand will follow suit a week later.

Some Australian beaches reopened Monday as coronavirus cases continued to decline in the country.

19718 people died of COVID-19 in France, while the total number of coronavirus deaths in UK rose to 16060.

China (4632), Iran (5209), Turkey (2017), Belgium (5,828), Netherlands (3751), Brazil (2484), Canada (1,587), Switzerland (1,406) and Sweden (1,580) are the other countries where more than 1000 people died of COVID-19.

Singapore reported record daily jump in the number of confirmed cases-1,426- on Monday.

Most of the new infections reported in the city-state emerged from the dormitories where most of the migrant workers live.

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