Key Game 7 questions: Do Nets have enough left in the tank? Can Bucks win on the road?

Brooklyn’s James Harden came away with a steal and didn’t have a Milwaukee defender between him and the basket. In normal times, Harden would’ve darted to the rim for a layup while trying to draw a foul. 

But Harden pulled up, knowing his bad hamstring didn’t have enough power to get him to the rim before a Bucks defender caught up with him.

“James was better tonight as far as what he was able to do, but it’s tough,” Nets coach Steve Nash said. “He’s really limited. He can’t do a lot of things he’s accustomed to doing. … Tough, tough position for James to be out there trying his best, trying to help this team and not being able to move the way he normally would.”

Harden isn’t 100%, Kyrie Irving missed his second consecutive game with a sprained ankle, every Nets starter played at least 30 minutes in Game 6 and now the Nets head back home for Game 7 with an exhausted, short-handed group.

Milwaukee defeated Brooklyn 104-89 in Game 6 on Thursday, tying the Eastern Conference semifinals series at 3-3.

Game 7 is Saturday (8:30 p.m. ET, TNT), and two major questions loom:

Do the Nets have enough left to get one more victory?

Can the Bucks become the first team to get a road win this series?

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