Secret Service Investigating Cocaine Found At White House; Press Secretary Says Discovery Was In “Heavily Traveled Area” Of The West Wing

After the Secret Service discovered a small envelope containing cocaine in the West Wing over the weekend, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that it was found in a “heavily traveled area” where many visitors come through.

The discovery on Sunday night, prompting an evacuation as the Secret Service was still unsure of what the substance was, dominated many of the questions at Wednesday’s press briefing.

But Jean-Pierre said that the Secret Service was conducting the investigation and “we have confidence” that the agency “will get to the bottom of this.” She said that President Joe Biden was briefed on what happened, but that he and his family were in Camp David over the weekend.

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“When it comes to visitors to the West Wing, they come for many reasons. Obviously we do have West Wing tours that occur here on campus….They happened on Friday. They happened on Saturday and Sunday,” she said.

The Secret Service has not yet identified who brought the cocaine to the White House, according to the AP. The agency reportedly is reviewing security footage and visitor logs. But the discovery raised concerns over whether other types of substances could be brought to the White House without being detected by security screenings.

Asked whether the White House would ask the Secret Service to review its security protocols, Jean-Pierre said, “Let’s see exactly what occurred and what happened. They are going to get to the bottom of this…I’m not going to get ahead of any changes in protocol or anything like that.” She said that she was “not going to speculate on who it was.”

The Secret Service suspected that the substance was cocaine earlier this week, but lab tests later confirmed that it was.

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