The World\u2019s Most Valuable Brands

What is brand equity? For most people that can seem like a nebulous and subjective concept at worst, and at best it seems like a combination of art and science. It doesn’t help that brand valuations and rankings can vary depending on the source and the methodology used.

The first thing to know about a brand’s value is that it’s an intangible asset. A car factory has value in its real estate, buildings, and equipment. But a Ford truck that rolls out of that factory has both a tangible value, shared by all trucks rolling off all production lines, as well as an intangible value added from Ford’s reputation as a truck manufacturer, the loyalty of Ford customers, and the recognizability of the company’s iconic Blue Oval logo. (These are America’s favorite brands and stores.)

A monetary value is assigned to these intangible assets using different proprietary models that can help weigh a company’s future earnings potential relative to other brand heavyweights, including its direct competitors. 

Brand equity is computed based on such sources as global consumer-sentiment surveys, company earnings forecasts, the estimated percentage of a company’s earnings attributable to its brand, and the strength of the brand. Brand value can fall in the wake of events like a company scandal, such as Volkswagen’s “dieselgate” emissions-fixing fraud of 2015, and they can rise when a company reveals an innovative and coveted consumer product, as when Apple’s iPhone debuted in 2007. (Sometimes brands don’t recover from problems. These are brands that disappeared in the last decade.)

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To construct this list of the world’s most valuable brands, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the 2021 Most Valuable Global Brands report published by Kantar BrandZ, which has ranked brand equity annually since 1998.  

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