Twitter’s #ThisHappened 2020 Rankings: Chadwick Boseman, Covid-19, BTS And L.A. Lakers Top List

Twitter has released its annual #ThisHappened look back at the year on its platform, and given the extreme nature of 2020, the results largely favor substance over frivolous memes.

“How do we possibly recap a year like this?” asked Tracy McGraw, the social media company’s communications chief, in a blog post Monday. “By turning our attention to how we all got through it together: the ways we kept ourselves entertained, the changes we made, and the messages of support that we shared with each other.”

Chadwick Boseman’s death from colon cancer at age 43 last August captivated a saddened world. The announcement of his passing via his official account became the most popular message ever posted on Twitter, with 7.5 million likes, and it led the year’s most-retweeted list as well with 3.1 million. (See more results below.)

The findings reflect the fact that more than three-quarters of daily Twitter users live outside the U.S. Big Brother Brasil was the No. 1 TV show on the platform, and there was only a passing mention of President Donald Trump, who now has 88.7 million followers. Trump ranked as the person most people tweeted about, followed by President-Elect Joe Biden, with those names punctuating the political consequence of 2020, with about 700 million politics-themed tweets posted.

The rankings permitted only one tweet per account and discounted any tweets offering rewards in return for followers or engagement.

In terms of hashtags, the winner was #COVID19, with #BlackLivesMatter the runner-up. Along with variations of it, #COVID19 was included in nearly 400 million tweets. In a possible sign of the public heeding official safety directives, #StayHome became the No. 3 hashtag of 2020, reflecting a rise in shutdowns amid increasing Covid-19 infections in the fall.

Predictably, the LA Lakers were the No. 1 sports team discussed on Twitter, as they returned to the court to claim their 17th NBA championship.

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