Watch Jamie Foxx go zero to 60 while test-driving a Tesla: 'Holler at me, Elon'

Tesla has produced more than 1 million cars in total, Elon Musk said in March, and Tesla's Model 3 has been one of the best-selling luxury vehicles in the U.S. over the past three years. But, even with Tesla's increasing popularity, there are still plenty of people out there who have never driven one of the company's electric vehicles.

Count actor and comedian Jamie Foxx among those who had yet to buy into the hype around Tesla's popular electric vehicles — until recently, that is.

In a nearly 13-minute video recently posted to Foxx's YouTube channel, the star borrows a friend's Tesla Model 3 Performance model for a test drive. On that drive, Foxx tested the Tesla's accleration and its Autopilot feature, while also showing off his comedic skills with impersonations of fellow celebrities like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and TV host Dr. Phil McGraw.

The 52-year-old Foxx, who says he had never driven a Tesla before filming the video, notes during the trip that he is a Texas native who has spent much of his life idolizing powerful, and gas-powered, cars made by brands like Ford and Chevrolet. 

But Foxx quickly warms up to the Tesla Model 3, which starts at around $50,690. Foxx says in the video that he has "newfound respect" for Tesla's electric vehicles after testing the Model 3's acceleration. The car is capable of accelerating from zero to 60 MPH in as little as 3.2 seconds.

Watch the video here (though it does contain some profanity):

"I felt macho. I felt in control. And at the same time, I felt sleek," Foxx says to sum up his first experience driving a Tesla.

Early in the video, Foxx admires the Model 3's 15-inch touch screen dashboard, with the actor remarking that the display looks like a "flat-screen TV." During the test-drive, the touch screen can be seen displaying the car's navigation features as well as the speedometer and the Autopilot's ability to detect traffic lane markings

At one point, Foxx turns on the vehicle's Autopilot feature to test hands-free driving while the Tesla navigates around a sharp curve in the road. Tesla's Autopilot feature is intended for use by a "fully attentive driver," according to Tesla's website, and the program typically automatically alerts drivers after 30 seconds if their hands are not detected on the car's steering wheel. (The one-time standup comedian even briefly closed his eyes and pretended to take a nap while the car's Autopilot steered the vehicle before the program warned him to return his hands to the wheel.)

Foxx also spends some time in the video jokingly mocking any non-electric cars he passes on the road, frequently shouting at those cars and their drivers: "You ain't no Tesla, b—-!"

"This is my Tesla commercial," Foxx jokes at one point during the video before offering up his own tagline for his hypothetical commercial: "'Tesla is the Tums of cars — it gets rid of gas,'" Foxx jokes, before ending the video with a shout-out to Musk: "Holler at me, Elon!"

Foxx notes that he's never met Musk before, but that he once saw the Tesla CEO "at a distance." Foxx adds that he thought Musk has "a very distinct head."

 "You could tell he was going to be something great, because his head is built different," Foxx says.

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