This Is America’s Most Glamorous City

Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines “Glamorous” as “full of glamour : excitingly attractive.”

For the recently released 2022’s Most Glamorous Cities by lawn care services provider LawnStarter, the selections were made on 35 metrics. The universe considered was America’s 200 largest cities based on population.

Data came from American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Auto Buy Sell Dealers, Boarding Schools USA,, Bureau of Economic Analysis, FashionUnited, Federal Aviation Administration, GolfLink,, Michelin Guide, The New York Times, Paramount Business Jets, Platinum Clubs of America, Private School Review, 10times, TripAdvisor, U.S. Census Bureau, Wikipedia, Yacht Clubs of America and Yelp.

The data were divided into five major categories. The first of these was “status and wealth,” which included the number of households with incomes over $200,000, county gross domestic product and the number of million-dollar homes, luxury cars, private airports and private schools.

The second category, “fine dining,” was measured by the number of Michelin Star restaurants and the number of restaurants with positive reviews from The New York Times.

The “beauty” category measured beauty supply stores per square mile, plastic surgeons per 100,000 people, and spas and wellness centers.

The fourth category was “fashion.” The yardsticks for this were luxury fashion stores and luxury watch and jewelry stores per square mile.

The final category was “entertainment,” which was determined by art galleries, five-star hotels, golf clubs, country clubs and marinas.

One conclusion was about cities with substantial populations: “Most major U.S. cities landed at the top of our ranking. Indeed, the land of high-rises also is where you’ll often find restaurants and shopping with equally towering prices.”

The list was topped by San Francisco, home of many of the most successful tech companies in the world. Out of a potential score of 100, it posted a figure of 60.23. Its rankings for status, entertainment and dining were particularly high.

These are the 25 most glamorous cities in America:

  • San Francisco, Calif. (60.23)
  • New York, N.Y. (47.77)
  • Miami, Fla. (40.56)
  • Washington, D.C. (32.87)
  • Seattle, Wash. (32.80)
  • Chicago, Ill. (32.69)
  • Los Angeles, Calif. (29.82)
  • Boston, Mass. (29.11)
  • Las Vegas, Nev. (28.00)
  • Honolulu, Hawaii (27.18)
  • Houston, Texas (26.20)
  •  Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (26.13)
  • Atlanta, Ga. (25.98)
  • Portland, Ore. (25.81)
  • Dallas, Texas (25.37)
  • Jersey City, N.J. (23.69)
  • Philadelphia, Pa. (23.04)
  • Tampa, Fla. (21.88)
  • St. Louis, Mo. (21.71)
  • San Diego, Calif. (21.67)
  • Scottsdale, Ariz. (21.49)
  • New Orleans, La. (21.49)
  • Denver, Colo. (20.80)
  • Pasadena, Calif. (20.13)
  • Glendale, Calif. (19.27)

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