This Is the Coldest Place on Earth. It Is Minus 102 Degrees.

It is minus 102 degrees Fahrenheit in Amery on April 26. It sits on the Amery Ice Shelf in Antarctica, the third-largest such shelf on the world’s smallest, and coldest continent. The area is in the part of Antarctica closest to Africa.

The Amery Ice Shelf is best known as the location where the world’s largest iceberg broke off in Antarctica. The shelf is actually a massive floating island of ice. As the global temperature warms, it is likely to shrink and perhaps continue to break apart. It currently covers 23,000 square miles.

The iceberg that broke off in 2002 was about the size of Los Angeles. It weighed about 350 million tons. Experts say this phenomenon was not based on global warming. According to Helen Amanda Fricker, a glaciologist with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, “The ice sheet has to maintain its size, and so it has to shed a bit of weight every now and again. Amery is sort of as stable as they come.”

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