Cherry Creek students destroy bathrooms as part of TikTok challenge

Cherry Creek School Districts is asking parents to talk to their children about vandalism after students participating in a TikTok challenge destroyed bathrooms and stole fire extinguishers.

Students who destroy or steal school items and disrupt the “learning environment” will face consequences, according to a letter sent Wednesday by the district to parents of middle and high schoolers. The consequences could include suspension, restitution, explosion or referral to law enforcement.

“These actions limit access and create disruption within the learning environment,” the letter said. “We request that parents and guardians have conversations with their students about the impact of vandalism and theft of school items.”

Students participating in the TikTok challenge have destroyed soap and toilet paper dispensers, mirrors and floors of school bathrooms, according to the letter.

The so-called “devious licks” challenge has led to similar hijinks at schools across the nation, USA Today reports.

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