How have you been affected by the exam results U-turn in England?

Thousands of students, parents and teachers are celebrating after the government made a spectacular U-turn on this year’s A-Level results, reverting to teacher-assessed grades.

While the decision to abandon the exams regulator Ofqual’s controversial grades decided by algorithm, which led to 40% of predicted results being downgraded, has been greeted with widespread relief, it also poses major new challenges for students and universities.

We want to hear from students who missed out on their first choice university due to the results they received last Thursday, but because of the U-turn have now met their offer.

Have you now been able to secure a place at your first choice university? Has you first offer university offered you a place but for next year because your course is full? Or do you plan to stick with your second choice or another offer made through clearing?

Share your experiences

We would also like to hear from you if your university offer has been affected because the teacher-assessed grades are lower than those you received from Ofqual last week. If you are an admissions tutor at a university, we would also like to know how your university is coping with the challenges posed by the U-turn.

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