Online panel: will coronavirus shift universities online forever?

As soon as lockdown was announced, universities were forced to shut down campuses and rapidly shift courses online. That was initially a quick fix, but it’s becoming clearer that our lives will be disrupted for a long time. Right now, universities are taking important strategic decisions and funnelling huge investment into providing students with high quality learning. The demise of bricks and mortar campuses has been predicted for some time, without ever materialising. Will coronavirus change the future of universities?

To explore this in depth, the Guardian, supported by Adobe, is hosting an online panel discussion between 1-2pm on 24 June. The panel, which is open to higher education professionals as well as the general public, will include an opportunity to ask questions to our expert panellists.

Will the coronavirus pandemic be the ‘disruptive moment’ that shifts universities online forever?

The panel will discuss:

  • What’s the future of the real world campus?

  • What lessons can be learned from the tech industry about digital disruption?

  • Will online learning widen access to university for disadvantaged students?

  • How can universities break down the stigma associated with online courses?

Panellists are:

  • Chair: Rachel Hall, universities editor, the Guardian.

  • Ian Dunn, provost of Coventry University.

  • Allison Littlejohn, professor of learning technology at University College London.

  • Leah Belsky, chief enterprise officer, Coursera.

  • Mark Andrews, strategic development manager for education (EMEA), Adobe.

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