£1 ‘miracle’ item cleaning fans ’swear by’ to get rid of ants – ‘they hate it’

Lynsey Crombie reveals her hacks to help deter ants

At this time of year, one bug that emerges is ants that take to homes to search for food as they begin building their mounds. While they are harmless, ignoring their presence could result in a home invasion. It can be a nightmare to get rid of ants once they infiltrate households. To deal with them immediately, Mrs Hinch fans have shared how they deal with these pests that will prevent them from passing through entrances.

Struggling with a whole army of ants in her home, Lisa Smith took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page to ask for some advice.

She wrote: “Help! I’ve got an ant infestation. I’ve tried everything but can’t get rid of them.”

Ants are very practical creatures. In most cases, they like to live near or with humans because they enjoy the same food, which basically makes homes the promised land for ants. 

There is a wide range of easily obtainable food, plenty of hidden spaces to build a nest, and almost no competition or predators.

So, it is easy to understand why hordes of ants regularly perform pantry raids when they stumble upon the paradise that is a human’s kitchen.

Rather than suggesting the typical chemical-based ant killer type products to deal with Lisa’s situation, group members suggested that she use items that she already owns – one of which is talcum powder.

Sue Morgan said: “Talcum powder is the best.” Marion Houlden agreed: “Try talcum powder it works every time.”

Sharon Green wrote: “Talc or peppermint oil. They will stick to a route, so see where they are coming in and just deal with them at that point.”

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Patricia Wikes replied: “Talc powder I swear by it never had any come past it.”

Ivy Jones commented: “Definitely talcum powder, they hate it. It works every year for me.”

Zoe Campbell wrote: “My mum has had issues with ants for years she has read talcum powder works she has tried it and she has not had issues since she absolutely swears by it now.”

Tina Hayjaycourts Walker said: “I’ve always used talcum powder they take it back to their nests and it kills them.”

Colleen Thompson replied: “Johnson’s baby powder sprinkled where they enter your house. Ants will not walk over it.”

Sally Maine added: “Talcum powder worked miracles for us after trying many things. I’ve found that they will disappear and won’t come back.”

The talcum powder works by breaking the ants’ pheromone trail. The powder gets absorbed through their skin and clogs up their airways, killing them off for good.

Talcum powder can be picked up from local supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Asda for £1.

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Another home remedy Mrs Hinch fans recommended was to use white vinegar. This can either be used diluted or undiluted.

Undiluted white vinegar does kill ants shortly after they come into contact with it. 

However, diluted vinegar acts as a powerful deterrent due to its strong smell and its ability to remove scent trails.

White vinegar can be sprayed on floors, worktops, skirting boards, and nest entrances. Just repeat until ants are no longer spotted.

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