7 methods to stay warm at night without heating as temperatures drop

Energy bills: Expert advises to 'close curtains' when heating is on

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Sleeping at night when the weather is below freezing can be hard, impacting both sleep and mood. Whilst Britons may occasionally be putting the heating on, throughout the night isn’t probably an option for most. James Higgins, sleep expert and CEO of Ethical Bedding, has shared seven ways to keep warmer without using the heating.

1. Use a mattress topper

The expert said: “Mattress toppers might be one of the best investments you can make for your sleep, and its warming properties are just an extra perk.

“Mattress toppers can have various different fillings, and your filling can determine the level of heat it preserves. Over the winter period, a memory foam or microfibre mattress topper are great for preserving the heat whilst also providing an extra layer of comfort. 

“During the summer months it’s best to opt for more breathable fabrics such as down, where the airflow is better distributed.”

2. Sleep with a flat sheet

Flat sheets have been around for a long time, but it is often fitted sheets people opt for during the winter months. 

Many people tend to use flat sheets during the summer period when it is too hot for a duvet, but according to the expert, they are “very useful” in winter too.

James explained: “Adding a flat sheet to your bedding combo means you have an extra layer of material to trap in the body heat and keep the toes warm over the night. Cotton is the best material for flat sheets. It’s soft to the touch, durable and preserves heat well.”

3. Hook up weighted curtains

Weighted and thick curtains are a “great” investment to keep warm and will serve households year after year. They can also make a real difference to the bedroom’s temperature.

The sleep expert noted: “Velvet curtains are great material due to their thickness, but you can invest in other special types of weighted curtains too. 

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“Another perk is their natural levels of sound insulation, which also makes them brilliant for light sleepers who are easily disturbed by noise, helping you have a peaceful night’s rest.”

4. Opt for flannel bed sheets

Flannel is one of the thickest bedding materials you can use, and brushed flannel is particularly soft for those who like to be cosy during the night.

Brushed cotton bedding can be picked up from a variety of different retailers, with some also selling fluffy fitted sheets too.

James recommended not allowing pets onto the bed when using these types of bed sheets because it is the “worst” material for pet hairs to get stuck on.

5. Use candles and flower pots to heat a small room

The expert continued: “You can use tea lights and terracotta flower pots to effectively heat a small room. If you place four tea lights into a small metal tray and place two flower pots on top. 

“The inner pot traps most of the heat from the candles and the outer pot then focuses all that heat upwards into the air. 

“Although, with its own safety concerns, it’s best to stay in the same room as the candles whilst they are lit to ensure everything is working properly, and it must be kept away from children and pets and anything flammable.”

6. Invest in cashmere bed socks

According to the sleep expert, cashmere maintains three times more heat than standard woollens and fabrics, making it one of the best products to put on your feet to keep them warm.

James added: “These fantastic properties can unfortunately make it a more expensive product, however, there are plenty of cashmere-blend bed socks which are mixed with cotton that will still keep your toes toasty through the night.” 

7. Hot drinks before bed

Having a hot drink before bed will mean there is warm fluid in the stomach which increases your body temperature temporarily.

Recommended drinks before bed include a beverage without both caffeine and sugar.

The pro said: “A hot cuppa can also help relax the mind and body, camomile or lavender are great natural ingredients for this.” 

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