A ClassPass exec reveals how its new vaccination finder tool ties into the subscription company's goal of moving beyond just fitness offerings

  • ClassPass is launching a vaccination finder to help users find openings and book appointments. 
  • The effort marks the company’s latest push to move beyond just fitness programming and into health and wellness. 
  • “As we’ve gone from being fitness exclusive to being much more agnostic, it’s allowed us to much more easily add things like vaccine centers,” a ClassPass exec told Insider. 
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ClassPass is raising its hand to help get Americans vaccinated.

The subscription platform — best known for connecting members to group exercise classes like yoga and pilates across its 30,000 participating fitness studios — launched a vaccination finder tool on Wednesday that uses aggregated, real-time data from official immunization centers to help users sign up for shots.

The service will first roll out on its app in Boston, Chicago, and New York, with plans to extend it to the entirety of ClassPass’ US userbase in the coming weeks. 

While users will not be able to sign up directly through ClassPass to set up vaccination appointments, the program will provide information for how to do so as it pertains to each specific location.

As part of this announcement, ClassPass joins a rising number of corporations and individuals alike that are building tools to help Americans get vaccinated as quickly as possible, particularly as many many struggle to navigate the complexities of the registration process. 

According to Jeff Bladt, vice president of pricing and inventory at ClassPass, the vaccination finder was a “natural extension” for the company, given that its existing technology is focused on culling through localized data to help users find openings for everything from cycling classes to acupuncture appointments. 

“If you look at the problem of aggregating together a bunch of locations, that falls right into [the technology] we’ve developed over the years,” Bladt told Insider. “Our product has about 40,000 merchants stretched across 30 countries and the core thing we do for our users is make sure all of those are accurate, in the right location, with the right information, searchable, and discoverable.”

For ClassPass, the vaccination finder also points to its dedication to becoming more than just a fitness tech company, but also a source for booking everything from massages to meditation services. ClassPass first began to diversify its offerings in 2018, and today has more than 11,500 participating beauty and health vendors, partners the company has leaned on heavily during the pandemic. 

“By adding wellness and beauty and additional digital experiences like one-to-one personal training, we’ve expanded our product portfolio and the different ways that you can get value from ClassPass,” ClassPass CEO Fritz Lanman told Insider in September. “That protects us from COVID in a prolonged situation.” 

ClassPass also experienced success by moving quickly to add virtual programming as an alternative to brick-and-mortar fitness studios early on during the pandemic. Within just one month of national lockdowns last spring, the company was streaming 50,000 classes per week. 

In recent years, ClassPass has also started using its platform to share information about voter registration and polling locations in the lead up to elections, as well as local events focused on topics like racial equality. According to Bladt, the company expects that by the end of 2021, a “majority of the merchants, businesses, and events” featured on the platform will actually not be fitness-oriented. 

“As we’ve gone from being fitness exclusive in our focus to being much more agnostic, it’s allowed us to much more easily add things like vaccine centers,” he said. “We’ve sort of broken our product apart and put it back together in such a way that we can be much more open-minded about the type of event or service location we have.”

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