‘A radio in every room in the house’: Tim Blackwell reveals media habits

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This week’s conversation is with Tim Blackwell, co-host of Nova FM’s 4pm-6pm show Kate, Tim & Joel, and host of the Introducing with Tim Blackwell podcast.

Nova FM’s drive show host, Tim Blackwell.Credit:Nova

How did you get your big break? One can’t reveal those industry secrets…

What are your daily news media habits?
I have a radio in every room of the house, which drives my family crazy! I’ve got 3AW on in one, Nova and the ABC in another and The Today Show on in the front room! Then I read through the papers online before the show… I’ve got all bases covered.

Which living person do you most admire?
Whoever is my current boss.

Your guilty streaming pleasure?
Anything Alan Partridge… Mid Morning Matters is one of the best!

Which phrase do you overuse? “Hurry up, we’re going” and “put your shoes on” (I have three kids…)

What did you want to do when you grew up?
Pizza delivery boy! I wanted to drive around in that little Pizza Hut car with the big red telephone on the roof. Radio guy followed closely after…

What was your first job?
Volunteering at my local community radio station. I used to panel a variety of shows including the Hospital Hour where we would take requests from the local nursing home… Six months in they let me read the weather on air. It was quite a moment!

Facebook or Instagram?
Instagram, but I’m fast losing interest in that, too.

Recommend a podcast…
Introducing with Tim Blackwell! It’s a music podcast with chats with people like YungBlud, Jack White and everyone in between… the host is funny and handsome as hell! (How could I not plug my own?!)

What's one vice you wish you could give up?
None. They’re all too much fun.

The song that’s always on high rotation?
My Spotify is used mainly for the Minions soundtracks right now… But, when I can, I’m loving Fontaines DC & Yeah Yeah Yeah’s new albums at the moment. All killer, no filler!

What are you reading?
I always have a LOT on the go… Right now, I’m getting through Nick Kent – The Dark Stuff, a music journo who befriended people like Iggy Pop and The Beach Boys… some incredible stories. And I’m halfway through Blood In The Water about the Attica Prison uprising in 1971. Full on but worth the effort!

Favourite movie of the past decade? Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Tarantino, Leo & Brad. Can’t go wrong!

Top of your sporting bucket list? I barrack for Hawthorn – another three-in-a-row would be nice!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Never trust a person who posts wine memes.

What are the three things you couldn’t live without? Family, work and Young Henry’s Newtowner!

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