Airport parking firm left my car damaged and absolutely filthy – It’ll cost me HUNDREDS to repair – I’m fuming | The Sun

A HOLIDAYMAKER is fuming after an airport parking firm left his car damaged and absolutely filthy.

Victor Curchi, 32, from Essex, paid £110 to a meet-and-greet parking firm at Stansted Airport to park his car for eight days.

But when he found out that his car was full of dirt and scratches, he felt devastated.

Victor told The Sun Online: "I went on holiday to Spain, and I left my car with Ezybook, but when I came back, they gave me my car back full of dirt and scratches.

"I started to suspect something was wrong because they gave me my car too quickly.

Hours later, Victor contacted the parking firm to find out why his car was in poor shape.


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Victor added: "I gave them a call to tell them that my car was full of dirt everywhere and there's a big scratch on the front bumper.

"The company said that they don't take any responsibility for the damage that my car suffered.

"I told them I have pieces of evidence that demonstrate my car was in perfect condition when I left it at the airport."

"I have also sent them the pictures of the damages by email, but they don't even answer."

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Victor claims the parking company also disconnected his dash cam without permission.

He continued: "They told me that it's because of security reasons for them.

"But I think it's because they are keeping your car in a field somewhere."

"I also had to pay £10 extra for the airport parking when I left and took my car."

A spokesperson from Ezybook claimed: "We are booking agents and don’t provide parking services ourselves. There is no “someone” in our company who would have driven any customer vehicle. Parking services are provided by independent car parking companies.

"We have not received any complaint yet from Viteok (Victor) Curchi, and you haven’t provided any details /photos to establish who they booked with via our website.

"All car parking service-related complaints are handled by the respective car parking company. Once we receive the details, we will also be able to point you to the relevant car parking company to investigate and provide their response to the above claim."

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