‘Amazing solution’ to stop your washing machine smelling like ‘rotten eggs’

It can feel like a daunting task to figure out where unwanted odours are coming from within the washing machine because there are so many potential causes. 

From mould and mildew buildup in the rubber seal and drum to the drawer or filter, there are a number of reasons why a washing machine is emitting such a strong odour. 

Thankfully, there is a way to combat the stench before it spreads to the entire house and causes family members to walk around with a constant scrunched-up nose. 

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook page, one woman posted that her washing machine has started to smell foul.

Sandra Greaves wrote: “So embarrassed by this. My washing machine is suddenly smelling like rotten eggs when the water is going in. What can I do to solve this? I use Calgon tablets every two weeks but think I need to get something to properly clean it. Any ideas?”

The smell of rotten eggs coming from a washing machine is often caused by a buildup of dust, mould, mildew, or even soap itself. Whenever clothes are added to the wash, the dirt, hairs, or lint sometimes get caught in the seal, gasket, or detergent dispenser where they sit and slowly start to grow bacteria.

To clean the entire washing machine, the majority of group members suggested Sandra use a combination of soda crystals and white vinegar.

Veronica Taffe said: “Have you cleaned the filter, normally at the bottom of the machine, then do the hottest wash you can, preferably 90 degrees, and put soda crystals in the drum and white vinegar in the powder section.”

Joanne Duffy commented: “I found Calgon didn’t work for me, so I use vinegar and soda crystals in draw and drum on a hot cycle.”

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Kate Conyard said: “I use soda crystals on a hot wash every week. Sometimes I add white vinegar to the drawer as well.”

Margaret Scott wrote: “It’s stale water that smells like rotten eggs. Put a hot wash on with no detergents at all, just soda crystals and white vinegar. 

“You’ll be totally surprised at the amount of soapy dirty water that’s inside the drum. It was a tip from a washing machine engineer and it works. It’s an amazing solution.”

Jackie Eardley instructed: “Cup of soda crystals in the drum and white vinegar in the detergent drawer, then put on a 90-degree wash. Always leave the door open.”

Jamie Leigh said: “Mine did this and I just started using soda crystals and put my washer on the hottest wash with vinegar in the drawer. Hope it helps and you get it sorted.”

Soda crystals are known for being able to get rid of grease, stains, and foul smells. For this to work, 500g of soda crystals need to be added to the drum on the hottest cycle.

Households can add white vinegar too as this helps to remove bacteria and odours. Only half a cup of white vinegar needs to be added to clean the washing machine.

The vinegar should be added to the drawer, in the fabric softener compartment, and not the drum as the acidic nature can damage the metal.

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