Amazon Fire Stick owners to receive free upgrade that will make finding TV and movie 'hidden gems' a lot easier | The Sun

AMAZON is set to roll out a new Fire Stick update which has significantly improved one of its most popular features.

The tech giant unveiled two new Fire Sticks last week – alongside a host of other products – at its Virginia, US HQ.

And with it, the company revealed a sparkly new update for existing Fire Stick customers.

Inside this upcoming update is a major upgrade to Amazon's voice assistant Alexa.

Alexa is about to get way smarter.

The voice assistant will soon be able to offer users movie titles and shows to watch via conversation.



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It's a huge step towards ending the slog of finding something to watch through endless scrolling and app hopping.

It will also reduce the options you see on the screen, to avoid becoming overwhelmed or 'movie blind'.

During Amazon's demo, the Fire TV team asked Alexa to "show animated movies that are free for me to watch."

They then added: "Which one of these movies should have won an Oscar but didn't?"

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Alexa will also be able to learn about its users personal tastes from these conversations.

So, if romcoms or horror movies aren't your thing, then you're unlikely to be suggested them.

Amazon is using IMDb – one of the internet's most popular movie and TV rating websites to supply Alexa with its movie-buff knowledge.

The site was bought by Jeff Bezos' Amazon just two years after it was founded in 1996 for $55million (£44million).

IMDb is what Amazon spun out into its free ad-supported streaming service Freevee.

The Fire Stick update will also let users pin digital sticky notes, music apps as well as weather, calendar and reminder widgets to TV screens.

And when enabled, customers will be able to use their Fire Stick to interact with their Ring doorbell devices, too.

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