Andrew McCarthy: Trump's post-recount legal options depend on 'how much fraud you can prove'

Georgia officials order recount by hand of presidential ballots

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy joins ‘Your World’ to discuss tight margins in the Peach State

After Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger ordered a hand recount of 2020 presidential election ballots cast in the Peach State, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy joined "Your World" Wednesday to discuss the potential impact.

McCarthy told host Neil Cavuto that if President Trump fails to win Georgia following the recount, his legal options may be limited.

"It depends on how much fraud you can prove and whether you can put the outcome in doubt by showing there was so much fraud that the whole thing is tainted or there was enough that you can close the gap," he explained.

"I think there's a lot of people talking past each other," McCarthy added. "Some people say there's not a shred of fraud and there are other people saying there's overwhelming fraud. There's always some fraud in an election. It depends on how much you can prove."

McCarthy said that Trump's chances of taking back Georgia hinge on whether or not there was empirically so much "impropriety" that the entire election there might have to be thrown out or if his tight margin with Biden can be closed.

Democrat Joe Biden currently leads Trump by a little more than 14,000 votes out of nearly five million ballots cast.

Turning to allegations of widespread election fraud, McCarthy told Cavuto America's best "fail-safe" is the fact that each state is tasked with running its own election system, unlike in other countries..

"Just because something bad happens in one place doesn't necessarily bleed over anyplace else," he said before noting that potential issues with computer programs used by several states could be an example where more than one jurisdiction is affected.

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