Android scam apps could quietly charge HUNDREDS to your card – how to check if you've been caught

WORRIED you might get charged by rogue "subscription" apps on Android? There's an easy way to check.

Cyber-experts have repeatedly warned about sneaky app makers tricking you into signing up for payment plans.

These subscriptions can charge large sums of money in the background – even for apps you no longer use.

Sometimes a subscription will start as a free trial, and then turn into a paid plan later on.

These apps are known as "fleeceware" in the cyber community, and can cause major financial headaches.

Fortunately, it's very easy to check if you've got any running subscriptions through the Google Play Store.

Google recently tightened its Play Store rules to limit Android app subscription scams.

From June 16, apps will need to be very clear about the terms of their subscriptions.

And if you've signed up for a free trial, there needs to be an obvious and easy way to cancel it.

Google will also begin notifying users when a free trial is ending.

And you'll also be alerted when a long-term paid subscription (for instance, an annual plan) is about to renew.

How to cancel a Google Play subscription

Firstly, note that uninstalling an app won't cancel your subscription.

Go into the Google Play Store, and make sure you're signed into the correct account.

Then tap Menu > Subscriptions and choose the payment plan you want to cancel.

Tap Cancel Subscription and then follow the instructions.

You'll still be able to use your subscription for the time you've already paid – but the plan will no longer renew.

How to pause a subscription on Google Play

Alternatively, you can pause a subscription – if an app allows it.

This means your plan will pause at the end of your current billing period.

Open the Google Play Store on your phone or tablet, and make sure you're logged in on the correct account.

Tap Menu > Subscriptions and choose the subscription you want to pause.

Then tap Manage > Pause Payments and choose the time period you want.

Finally, tap Confirm to pause the payments.

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