AOC Has a Message for Her Republican Colleague Who Called Her a Bitch

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is no stranger to vitriol. Ever since the New York representative was elected to Congress in 2018, upending the establishment Democrat incumbent in the process, she has been the target of conservative hostility—which makes Republican Representative Ted Yoho’s verbal harassment toward her unsurprising in the least.

The Hill recently reported that Yoho, a GOP lawmaker who represents Florida, “accosted” Ocasio-Cortez on the steps of the U.S. Capitol after she made a statement suggesting that a spike in crime in New York City is correlated to the poverty and unemployment rates inflamed by the coronavirus pandemic.

“You are out of your freaking mind,” Yoho reportedly told her, adding that she was “disgusting” for her remarks. Afterward, Yoho also reportedly called her a “fucking bitch” once they were already walking away from each other.

AOC acknowledged the confrontation on Twitter. “I never spoke to Rep. Yoho before he decided to accost me on the steps of the nation’s Capitol yesterday. Believe it or not, I usually get along fine w/ my GOP colleagues,” she wrote. “We know how to check our legislative sparring at the committee door. But hey, ‘b*tches’ get stuff done.”

She later tweeted that another GOP colleague, Representative Roger Williams of Texas, joined in on the verbal harassment toward her, although he denied any participation to reporters.

“Gotta love Republican courage from Rep @RogerWilliamsTX,” AOC tweeted. “When he undeniably sees another man engaged in virulent harassment of a young woman, just pretend you never saw it in the most cartoonish manner possible and keep pushing. (He’s lying, by the way. He joined in w/ Yoho).”

In another tweet, she added, “What’s wild to me @RogerWilliamsTX is why would you blatantly lie to a reporter who saw this exchange? You were yelling at me too, about ‘throwing urine.'”

Despite the nastiness in Washington, D.C., AOC seems unfazed. In a video posted to her Instagram Story, the Democratic representative filmed herself walking near the Capitol while blasting Doja Cat’s “Boss Bitch” in the background.

“Shine on, fight for others, and let the haters stay mad,” she wrote.

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