Aston Martin combined two $2 million cars to create the 'Victor' — a one-of-a-kind supercar with an unknown buyer and price

  • On Friday, Aston Martin unveiled a one-of-a-kind supercar it built for an anonymous buyer. It's called the "Victor." 
  • Taking parts from two of Aston's latest limited-run supercars, the Victor sports a carbon-fiber body and chassis, along with a V12 engine with a claimed 836 brake horsepower. 
  • It comes with a manual transmission, making it the most powerful stick-shift car Aston Martin has ever built. 
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Aston Martin is no stranger to off-the-wall, limited-run builds, whether it's a $3.5 million Bond car replica or a $1 million Speedster with no roof or windshield. But the new Aston Martin Victor just may be the coolest special-edition car the company has released in recent memory. 

For starters, the Victor isn't just low-volume, it's one of a kind. It was commissioned by an anonymous buyer and developed by Aston's Q division, which builds bespoke cars. In an attempt to keep the build somewhat low-key, the car didn't get any flashy unveiling or official press release, but an Aston Martin spokesperson did share some details with Business Insider. 

The car amounts essentially to a mashup of two of Aston's latest limited-run supercars — the One-77 and the track-only Vulcan. It boasts a carbon-fiber chassis and body, throwback styling, and a V12 engine that Aston rates at a whopping 836 brake horsepower.

To top it all off, Aston gave the Victor a six-speed manual transmission — an oddity in an age when most high-powered sports cars make use of dual-clutch automatics. That makes the Victor the company's most powerful stick-shift vehicle ever, Aston said. 

Take a closer look at Aston's latest one-off creation below.

Meet the Aston Martin Victor — a retro-styled, one-off supercar that takes some of the best elements from Aston's previous limited-edition builds.

The car was built by Aston's bespoke Q division and was unveiled at the Hampton Court Palace Concours on Friday.

It was commissioned by an unnamed buyer who wished to keep their identity and the car low-key, a spokesperson for Aston Martin said.

Luckily, Aston did share some photos and details about the car — and needless to say, it's a stunner.

Aston Martin says the Victor was inspired by the V8 Vantage of the 1970s and 1980s.

Aston nailed the classic muscle-car look, but there's no question the Victor is from this century.

Finished in a throwback dark green, the car sports a full carbon-fiber body and chassis.

It gets its power from a 7.3-liter V12 out of Aston's limited-run One-77 sports car. The engine has been tuned to churn out 836 brake horsepower, Aston says.

Surprising as it may be, Aston equipped the Victor with a six-speed manual transmission, making it the most powerful stick shift the company has ever made.

Aston outfitted the Victor with the same inboard suspension setup as the track-only Vulcan.

And the Victor gets the Vulcan's steering wheel as well.

Stopping power comes from Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes.

Although the Victor was built for performance, Aston didn't skimp on the car's interior.

Inside, the Victor sports lots of forest-green leather …

… cashmere …

… and solid walnut accenting the dashboard.

An Aston Martin spokesperson declined to share the Victor's price with Business Insider, but given that the Vulcan and One-77 each retailed for around $2 million, it's safe to assume the car was expensive.

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