Attendance Allowance: Five other benefits you could be eligible for

Attendance Allowance: Age UK helps man claim benefit

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Attendance Allowance provides financial assistance to those over the state pension age who require help. It aims to help cover the extra costs one has due to a disability, condition, or illness that is severe enough to require assistance.

Successful claimants can receive additional benefits, assistance, and freebies simply by claiming their entitlement.

People can receive council tax reductions, railcards, and tax credits.

The Department for Work and Pension provides this benefit as well as many others.

Claimants of one benefit are often eligible for other benefits which could prove vital in the next month due to rising prices.

Attendance Allowance claimants may be eligible for one of the following additional benefits and assistance depending on their individual circumstances.

Additional benefits that attendance allowance claimants could receive are:

  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Council Tax
  • Travel Assistance
  • Charities
  • Other DWP benefits

All cases do depend on the individual circumstances of the person.

Successful claimants can receive Carer’s Allowance. Attendance Allowance does not require one to actually have a carer but rather just to prove that they need the assistance.

However, those that do have a carer should inform them that they could get Carer’s Allowance.

Carer’s Allowance has its own range of eligibility criteria which can be found on

Claimants can get council tax reduction assistance when claiming Attendance Allowance.

Or they can increase their reduction if they are already receiving one.

Individuals will need to consult their local council to see what reductions they could be getting, the details of which they can find on

Additionally, Attendance Allowance recipients could receive Disabled Person’s Railcards or a Blue Badge.

These schemes are designed to help the less physically-abled to get around easier and at a cheaper rate.

Charities such as Age UK and Scope are ideally situated to help claimants with Attendance Allowance.

With the complexities of the benefits system charities across the UK provide information and assistance for benefits systems and applications.

Moreover, some people apply for the benefit that relates directly to them and simply leave it at that, not knowing they could be missing out on hundreds every month.

Attendance Allowance claimants can check if they are also eligible for Universal Credit, and Pension Credit.

If they have applied in the past for these and been rejected it may be worth trying again now that they are claiming Attendance Allowance.

if claimants are already receiving other benefits when they apply for Attendance Allowance they could be able to increase their payments or tax credit.

Britons can contact the benefit office that deals with their other benefits to inform them that they are receiving Attendance Allowance to see what else they could be eligible for.

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