Avoid ‘limp & dehydrated’ flowers: 4 ‘strange’ ways to keep blooms fresh in warm weather

Interflora provides advice on making flowers last longer

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Although plants and flowers need plenty of sunlight to flourish, once blooms are cut for floral arrangements, their lifespan rapidly declines. Warm temperatures, particularly in the summer months, can shorten the staying power of bouquets even further.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Emmanual Arthur, the floral designer behind East-London based Emmy Bloom said: “Depending on the type of flowers you have in the home, warmer temperatures can cause your cut flowers to become limp and dehydrated.”

Nem Vorkapic, UK’s Head of Floristry and Design at Floward added: “Generally speaking, with warmer weather comes wilting flowers.

“Over time the health of freshly cut flowers will naturally deteriorate quicker than usual if they are exposed to higher temperate levels.

“This is due to flowers releasing moisture through transpiration faster than they can take water up, so they become dehydrated.”

However, there are some ways you can boost the longevity of your beautiful blooms and keep them looking fresh for longer.

Though there are a number of common-sense methods, such as regularly topping up your vase with fresh water, there are also some rather “strange” methods that are said to work wonders.

Add a dash of bleach to your vase

Nem said: “It may seem strange but freshly cut flowers will last longer if you add a dash of bleach to your vase water.

This simple trick will not only make your flowers last longer, but it will also keep the water from getting cloudy and prevent the growth of bacteria, giving a cleaner presentation to your flower arrangement.”

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Drop in a sterilising tablet

If you are concerned a drop of bleach will be too harsh for your flowers, there is an alternative.

Nem added: “Milton sterilising tablets, often used to sterilise baby bottles, are also a great alternative to add to vase water for the same effect too, and are less harsh than bleach.”

Use a copper penny

According to Nem: “Another tip to keep those spring blooms fresh is by adding a copper penny.

“The copper in pennies acts in a similar way to an acidifier, which again prevents the growth of bacteria and keeps your flowers fresher for longer.

Some experts also believe the coin acts as an antimicrobial agent, reducing the microorganisms in the water to keep the flowers fresh.

Add a sugar cube

Nem recommends dropping a sugar cube into your vase, alongside the penny, for an added boost.

This can help to increase the pH of the water slightly, preventing any small bacteria or microbes from growing in the water.

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How often should you change your flowers’ water?

One of the easiest and most common ways of keeping flowers fresh is by topping up your vase with fresh water.

According to Emmanuel, this should be done “at least once a week to every five days.”

She also recommends using “flower food will help keep your blooms perky and nourished”.

Judith Blacklock, florist and author of Buying and Arranging Cut Flowers said: “Cut flower food really does make flowers last longer.

“This is in the small packet attached to most bunches of flowers.

“You should change your water every day if you don’t use cut flower food.

“Otherwise, every few days but add flower food again when you change the water.”

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