Best DIY remedies to banish ‘problematic’ flies from your home

Lynsey Crombie on how to get rid of flies from the house

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Cluster flies are much easier to spot than smaller fruit flies or gnats, but catching them isn’t always as straightforward. Despite their large size, cluster flies can squeeze through even the most minor cracks and crevices around your property, leaving no other options but to trap, or kill them once they’re in. Pest control experts have shared the best home remedies to get rid of cluster flies in autumn.

Like most household pests found in autumn, cluster flies are attracted to light and warmth.

Experts at Rentokil said: “Cluster flies (Polleniarudis), or attic flies, are large black flies and similar in size, shape and behaviour to the blowfly. “The adults breed and lay their eggs outside in summer and then during autumn months the adult lifecycle will bring them into buildings, normally attics and roof voids – to hibernate in very large numbers over the winter months.”

While they are not considered “dirty” or a risk to humans, cluster flies are incredibly annoying, though there are a few ways to keep them away using dish soap and a few sweet ingredients.

Once cluster flies are in your home, it can be hard to confine them to a single space.

However, according to Rentokil, using scents and liquids that attract these flies can help to draw them towards a trap.

They recommeded filling an old plastic bottle with sugar water or another sweet substance for an easy, budget remedy.

Start by cutting the top third of the bottle off and fill the base with your chosen substance, adding a drop of dish soap to make it stickier.

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Turn the cut section upside down and place it into the large base of the bottle.

Use tape to secure the two sections together.

Rentokil said: “This will allow the flies to access to the bottle but are then unable to get out.”

As cluster flies are known for squeezing through unsealed openings, this trap will work best near a window, skirting boards, or any cracks in your walls.

For a more discreet cluster fly trap, fill a small jar or bowl with a powerful mixture of vinegar and dish soap.

According to Rentokil, apple cider vinegar is best for its pungent scent, though wine or honey will also work well.

The experts said: “Cover the bowl with plastic wrap with punctured holes or leave uncovered.

Flies will be attracted to the smell and will get stuck within the liquid.”

Once you have trapped the flies, there are a few things you can do to stop them from coming back.

Seal up entry points

Cluster flies will find their way in through cracks in doors, window frames and any unsealed openings.

Filling in these cracks and crevices as well as keeping food sealed up is recommended to keep flies away.

Keep drains clear

Standing water in sinks, baths, shower basins and even drinking cups can all attract flies, so it is best to keep all traces of standing water out of your home.

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