Bizarre moment Tesla is confused by red light and registers it as green – leaving driver baffled | The Sun

THE bizarre moment a Tesla got confused at a red light has been caught on camera.

In the clip the driver is stopped and waiting for the traffic light to change – but his EV seems to think he can go.

That's because it appears to start registering a sign with a green circle as a green traffic light.

The driver pans his camera between the signal, and his Tesla's dash – which shows animated versions of his surroundings.

In the footage the dashboard shows the cartoon traffic light flashing between green and red – while the actual signal is still red.

The man, who posted to Instagram under @dragpak_dennis, said: "Tesla, are you really getting confused by the green dot on the traffic sign."

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The Sun has approached Tesla for comment on the matter.

It comes as it's been revealed the cheapest ever Tesla is coming to the UK.

The car brand’s Model 3, which boasts a super long battery life, will be available in the UK from January 2024.

Although it is their 'cheapest' model it will still set drivers back an eye-watering £39,990.

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However, the car giants believe the price is worth the car’s improvement in range – with the Model 3 able to travel over 400 miles on a single charge.

It comes as shocking footage has emerged which revealed the moment Tesla’s Autopilot feature saved a woman’s life during an intense highway crash in Florida.

The video shows a Dodge Charger veer out of its lane and ram into the rear end of a Model 3 sedan going 70 miles-per-hour.

Complaints about EVs have been about a shortage of charging stations, short battery times and reliability.

But supporters have also hailed the potential benefits, such as being better for the environment by not pumping out carbon emissions.

Some studies have also suggested they could save drivers money in the long run – including on energy bills thanks to a new government scheme introduced this year.

The Energy Saving Trust says EVs also have lower servicing and maintenance costs and are cheaper to refuel than petrol and diesel vehicles.

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