Britons could boost income by ‘upwards of £10,000’ from their home

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With inflation on the incline, households across the country are feeling the financial pinch. Search terms on money-making measures have seen a surge, painting an unsettling picture of the hardship many must be feeling as they try to navigate their way through uncertain times for finances. While it’s easy to feel at a loss, there are ways people can save or make money, which they might not have considered before.

Domains and hosting provider, Fasthosts, carried out research to find out how the cost of living crisis is affecting the UK’s population. The data revealed that Britons feeling the squeeze are looking online for other sources of income.

Compared to this time last year, Google has seen an influx in search terms including “make extra money”, “buy a domain”, “make money online”, and “how to sell online”, while purse strings continue to tighten.

Fasthosts’ Michelle Stark said: “The increase in search volume across the board for these terms is clear evidence of how the current crisis is causing people to find other sources of income and help where they can, like selling clothes or setting up online stores for some extra financial security.

“While this data is worrying, especially the increase in searches for bank loans, it’s important to know that if you are struggling that you are not alone, and resources are out there, such as support groups and small business communities who can help.”

From becoming a content creator to bundling utility bills into one payment, there are a few unusual routes people can take to save or earn additional cash at a time when they need it most.

Here are eight unusual or slightly more interesting ways people can generate an additional source of income.

Sign up home to be a ‘film location’

Every film and TV series needs suitable set locations, making another unusual way to earn some money. People can make their houses a film location.

Services exist for people to register their property – all people need to provide are photos to give a feel of the house.

According to Lavish Locations, people could make anything from “a few hundred pounds for a photographic shoot”, and “between £1,000 and £2,000 for a TV commercial and upward of £10,000 for a week’s filming”.

Flip furniture

For those who have a few DIY skills under their belt and an eye for design, flipping furniture is a great way to earn money.

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Under the thread ‘Furniture tipping is where it’s at’, Reddit user sfitz1223 said: “I’ve been flipping furniture for a couple months now and it has been a good way to make income. I find free pieces on Facebook Marketplace, clean it up, slap on a fresh coat of paint and relist it.

“I get offers for the pieces almost instantly and they sell very quickly. I wanted to share this quick piece of information.”

Research from 118 118 Money estimates people could earn between £100 to £300 depending on the item.

Dog sitting and dog walking

Dog ownership saw a spike during the pandemic, however, as lockdown eased and life slowly resumed, dog parents are increasingly looking for support as they’re asked to head back into the office.

Dog lovers could look into becoming dog sitters or walkers in their spare time. Services such as Rover can help people earn an average of £20 per dog walk.

A Rover spokesperson told “As the cost of living continues to rise, we have seen an increase in interest from potential dog walkers and sitters who want to both maximise their love of dogs and bring in a bit of extra money at the same time.

“Our dog walkers earn about £20 per dog, per walk – there can’t be much more enjoyable ways to earn money than to spend it in the company of a furry friend.”

Sell clothes online

Selling clothes is another effective way Britons can free up some space and generate some extra cash in the process.

Online marketplaces, such as eBay, Vinted or Depop offer good platforms to list items and sell them for a reasonable fee.

For better chances of success, experts at suggested sellers write up detailed product descriptions against good quality pictures, and bundle discounts and sensible shipping decisions could maximise profits.

Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at added: “One of the most important aspects of your description are hashtags. Using relevant hashtags that relate to your item will help to reach the buyers you are hoping to target. Avoid spamming with unnecessary hashtags as this could make you look untrustworthy.”

Bundling utility bills

Utility Warehouse offers a service that allows customers to bundle bills together, such as energy, mobile, broadband, and insurance, to unlock certain discounts.

Utility Warehouse promises average savings of “£506 a year” by bundling, including the cheapest energy in the UK.

A Utility Warehouse (UW) spokesperson told “At Utility Warehouse we’re committed to helping our customers save hundreds of pounds every year by bundling their energy along with other key utilities.

“Customers can get the cheapest energy prices in the UK, money straight off their bills every time they spend with our Cashback Card and even earn an additional income helping others save by becoming a UW Partner.”

Become a content creator

Nano-influencers, which describe anyone with 1,000 to 5,000 followers, are increasingly getting attention from brands as their audience tends to be more engaged and authentic – two very attractive qualities.

According to social media specialist Tribe, nano-influencers can make anywhere from £50 to £100 per post nowadays.

Rent out driveway

People who have an empty space on their driveway could monetise this luxury by renting it out.

Depending on the location, people could earn around £200 a month by letting someone else use it.

For people living close to a train line or in an inner city area, it could be worth checking the likes of JustPark or ParkLet for a quick valuation.

Use a Cashback card

As surprising as it sounds, there are ways people can save money on bills by spending money.

A number of providers and services offer cashback or reward credit cards that build up points and depending on the card, people can put them towards certain areas of expenditure, like other bills or a holiday.

An air miles credit card, such as British Airways American Express, can allow people to claim back thousands in rewards, such as flights, hotel stays, seat upgrades, car rentals abroad and more.

While the Utility Warehouse cashback card offers accountholders as much as a 10 percent cashback for every pound spent at selected retail partners, which comes directly off their UW bill.

Read more about different cashback options, here.

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