Candace Owens slams intelligence agencies over allowing domestic terror to run rampant

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Conservative activist Candace Owens on Sunday leveled harsh criticism against U.S. intelligence agencies for their supposed inability to root out domestic terrorism while simultaneously being able to “take out” terrorists overseas.

“We’re supposed to believe that our intelligence agencies can track and take out an Iranian terrorist (Soleimani) overnight but they can’t manage to get to the root of ANTIFA and black lives matter— well-funded domestic terrorist cells that have been operating unchecked for YEARS," she tweeted.

In a Saturday tweet in which Owens likened “Black Lives Matter and Antifa” to the “absolute vermin of our society,” the Blexit founder called out the “leftist-controlled media” for giving them a pass.

“They were created as the Marxist foot soldiers of the Democrat Party and given a pass by the leftist-controlled media,” Owens tweeted. “Pray for this young woman who was attack.”

The tweet included a video of a young woman appearing to cry in fear as she and another man were hit with eggs and an assortment of liquids as they navigate through a hostile crowd.

Fox News has reached out to Black Lives Matter’s press office with a request for comment but did receive response by the time of publication.

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