Child benefit payment dates for Christmas and winter bank holidays released – check now

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Child benefit can be claimed by anyone responsible for bringing up a child who is under 16 or aged up to 20 if they’re in approved education or training. Claims for an eldest or only child will generate £21.05 per week.

Claims for additional children will bring in £13.95 per child.

These payments usually come in every four weeks but they can be altered if they fall on a bank holiday.

With Christmas approaching, the DWP recently released payment plans for all the benefits they offer and the schedule for child benefit payments during the winter months has been unveiled.

These changes will affect people differently based on where they live within the UK.

The changes will be as follows:

  • Original due date: December 28 – actual payment date: December 24
  • Original due date: December 29 – actual payment date: December 30 for those living in Northern Ireland
  • Original due date: January 4 – actual payment date: December 31 for those living in Scotland
  • Original due date: January 5 – actual payment date: January 6 for those living in Scotland

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Generally, the DWP details people can work out when their next going to get child benefit payments by counting four weeks forward from their last payment.

If a person loses track of their last payment, they can check their bank statements for details.

The payment reference for child benefit payments will begin with the claimants eight digit child benefit number.

It will also end with the letters “CHB”.

In some instances, payments may not come through and the DWP urge people to contact their bank about this before contacting the child benefit office.

Payments may stop because:

  • the claimant hasn’t told the child benefit office their bank has changed or about their child’s education plans after they turn 16
  • they haven’t replied to a letter from the child benefit office
  • the child now lives with someone else
  • they’re no longer eligible to claim child benefit

To make an initial claim for child benefit, a person will need to complete a CH2 form and send it to the government.

Child benefit can be claimed from as soon as a child’s birth is registered.

It can take up to 12 weeks to process a new claim but they can also be backdated by up to three months.

It should be noted that only one person can get child benefit for a child, so parents will need to decide who among them will make the claim.

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