Cleaning: Mrs Hinch shares how she cleans her bathroom tiles using a mop

Mrs Hinch shares how to clean tile grout

Cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, also known as Sophie Hinchliffe, has taken the cleaning world by storm with almost four million followers on Instagram. She often shares her top tips for cleaning household and specific rooms with her fans on social media. Today was no exception as the cleaning guru took to Instagram to share her top tips for a sparkling bathroom.

“I love the feeling of a fresh sparkly bathroom,” she told fans.

Mrs Hinch cleaned everything from her bath to her son Ronnie’s bath mat using a plethora of her favourite products.

However, the most unusual tip Mrs Hinch shared was how she cleaned her bathroom tiles.

Mrs Hinch mopped her bathroom tiles using the Flash speed mop.

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She explained: “So lightweight, so perfect for this job!”

She held the mop head can turn vertical which means it can reach into certain crevices.

The cleaning expert used Milton sterilising fluid to clean her son’s bath mat.

She squirted the liquid into the sink along with the mat and some water and let it soak.

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She then used Flash liquid and a Minky sponge to clean the bath along with some water.

She then used Viakal on “anything shiny” including taps and shower heads.

She explained: “It removes stubborn watermarks and limescale buildup!

“Leave for five minutes then simply rinse away.”

Mrs Hinch told fans to keep the window open during a bathroom clean as this will stop you breathing in too many chemicals.

Next, the cleaning expert tackled her glass shower screen.

She added: “Using my spray bottle mix of washing up liquid and water! Plus Scrub Daddy!”

A Scrub Daddy is a type of hard sponge that’s great for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens without leaving marks.

The cleaning influencer sprayed the glass with the solution and then scrubbed it with the sponge before finishing it off with a window vac.

She then used Flash bathroom to clean the sink and the tap along with a sponge.

Mrs Hinch then let the bathroom dry before using a cloth to make the taps and porcelain “extra shiny”.

She finished off the bathroom by mopping the floor, putting pine cleaner in the toilet and putting out fresh towels.

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