Cleaning tips: Easy trick to spot damp and remove mould in just five minutes

Damp and mould can be caused by a pipe leakage in a property or damage in the roof or windows. While this can potentially cause health problems, an expert explained how this can be removed in just five minutes.


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Damp walls are not always easy to spot but should be dealt with quickly, according to director of Plumbers4u, Izzy Schulman.

He said: “The most obvious sign there’s a leak in your home is the presence of wet spots or general damp on your walls or ceilings.

“If the damp is coming from underneath the floor, this is cause for concern, as prolonged saturation can weaken the foundations of your home over time.

“If the leak is coming through from the roof, you might have a case of compromised flashing or a leaky roof vent, depending on the location of your water tanks.”

If the problem does arise, there are a number of ways it can be dealt with by homeowners.

“If you see suspicious patches, it’s important to get them seen to straight away,” the expert continued.

“It’s better to do it before the problem gets worse especially given the cost of a large water main burst.”

How to remove mould

Damp patches and leakages can also cause mould and mildew to form inside the home.

There are some ways to spot the problem and assess how bad it is.

Izzy explained: “You might have noticed a musky smell or patches of black mould or discolouration on your walls; this could be a sign of a small or moderate leak in your home.

“Mould thrives in humid temperatures. Leaky pipes in warm houses are breeding grounds for it too fester and can appear in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

“It’s important to get this examined and cleaned as dangerous spores can form in only three days if left untouched.


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“When this happens, it’s likely the leak is inside the wall.

“A plumbing professional will be needed to find the source of the problem as soon as possible.”

Having mould and mildew in a property for a long time can come with a number of risks.

While a plumber may be needed for bigger marks, homeowners can fix the problem in as little as five minutes if it is spotted quickly.

Izzy said: “If the wall isn’t overly saturated, you should try to tackle the mould before harmful spores can form.

“In these cases, several applications of mould and mildew cleaner should be sufficient.

“You should leave the solution on the problem area for five minutes before wiping away for best results.”

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