Colion Noir: Biden gun actions about 'control,' not about keeping people safe

Colion Noir: Gun control measures ‘don’t do anything to keep anybody safe’

Colion Noir, attorney and guns rights activist, argues the ultimate goal for anti-firearm groups is to gain control and ‘not necessarily to keep people safe.’

The president is already facing pushback before unveiling new executive actions on gun control. In Arizona, Governor Doug Ducey signed legislation that will block enforcement of federal gun restrictions in an effort to protect owner rights. Gun rights activist and attorney Colion Noir told “Fox & Friends” Wednesday that the Biden administration is pushing a far-left agenda.

COLION NOIR: “As a gun owner, no, as a gun rights advocate, yeah, from the standpoint that this is perfect for them in terms of pushing their agenda, especially to appease the people who are on the far left side of this issue, all these anti-gun groups who literally just want to push their own agenda.


So for me, this doesn’t do anything to keep me safe or anybody else who’s a gun owner out here in this country. But they understand that.

But as it goes and I say time and time again, the ultimate goal is to gain control, utilizing these measures, not necessarily to keep people safe, because these measures don’t do anything to keep everybody safe.”

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