College students question Biden spending plans after learning of eye-popping national debt

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A new video released by the conservative outlet Campus Reform shows the reaction from several college students who questioned the $3.5 trillion spending package being proposed by President Joe Biden after learning that the national debt is already at an eye-popping $28.8 trillion.

Campus Reform took a stroll across the campus of Arkansas State University to conduct its quiz, and found that even the prospect of getting free tuition as Biden has proposed does not seem like a good idea to most of the students they spoke with.

In fact, a number of them said they don't want to pay for someone else's community college bills – and they don't want to get stuck with paying off the deficit, either.

"It's gonna be a problem," one student said, laughing, "I just…hope I'm not around."

"I'm not gonna lie, I don't really trust the government to put our tax dollars effectively toward anything," another student concluded, saying of the debt trajectory, "I don't think that's sustainable."


"I think we should honestly pay our debt off, it's just gonna keep building" a third said, adding, "They don't care. They're gonna spend the money no matter what and they're gonna make us pay."

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