Common laundry mistake promotes mould growth in homes

A common mistake when drying your laundry could lead to condensation and even black mould, homeowners have been warned.

With temperatures dropping and energy prices on the rise, thousands of Britons will be looking for alternative ways to dry clothes without a tumble dryer.

The average cost of running an appliance is estimated at around £200 a year, which can cause significant spikes in one’s bills.

Despite being pricey to operate daily, many feel they don’t have a choice when hanging laundry outside is no longer an option. But this isn’t the case.

Clothes can be still dried properly indoors without inviting condensation into your home, and it all boils down to controlling moisture levels.

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Adequate ventilation is the answer, and the best way to promote it is by opening a window and allowing cold air into the house.

Keeping a drying rack in a closed space is one of the biggest mistakes one can make when avoiding mould. Instead, experts say it’s crucial to keep your laundry in a room with an open window and closed floor.

Additionally, they advise always opening a window after taking a bath or shower and leaving it open for at least 10 minutes with the door to let out any moisture.

Ventilation is also encouraged when cooking, by ensuring the extractor fan is on and pots are covered, with as many doors and windows left open as possible to let out excess steam.

Adam Pawson, a property expert at Safestyle, advised: “If your home is suffering from condensation, dampness, or mould, the best thing you can do is to try and improve the ventilation inside.

“Try to regularly open windows to allow air to move freely and let moist air escape from the property.

“Ventilation systems such as extractor fans can also massively help to reduce the condensation in your home.”

Another way to dry clothes without using the tumble dryer is with a dehumidifier, which can help control mould too.

The appliance helps clothes dry faster by allowing the moisture within the garments to evaporate more quickly, resulting in shorter drying time.

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