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CAR experts have revealed common mistakes that could cost drivers thousands when shopping for a new car.

As the cost of living continues to bite, Brits are looking for tips to save money when buying a new car.

To help those looking to buy a new car, experts at Bristol Street Motors told the Daily Express their tips on how to save some money.

Surprisingly, interest in new cars remained at its strongest during the first month of the year, with searches for used cars also increasing by 49% compared to last year.

While people are looking for their next car, many need help finding the best deal.


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And research has shown that 46% of new drivers don't know what they're looking for when buying a car, from specification to getting the right price.

Handily, car experts have provided five top tips to help drivers save money.


Shockingly, bright and bold cars lose value faster than other colours.

While it may seem like a trivial choice, picking the perfect paint job for your car has an impact on resale value and general maintenance.

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That’s because, as a more niche choice, it’s tricky to find willing buyers, forcing you to lower the asking price or wait longer for a suitable offer.

Insurance premiums

The first one is checking the price of insurance premiums.

Drivers should know that the cost of buying a car isn't just about meeting the asking price.

They also need to sort out insurance for your motor, which can rise to eyewatering annual amounts.

Cars that have an economic engine usually end up being significantly cheaper to insure than performance models.

And certain brands can only be repaired at specialist shops, as well, so take that into account before purchasing.


It's worth knowing that motors with excessive mileage are less fuel-efficient.

Any time you buy a car, you should always consider resale value.

Mileage is more than a number – it’s an indicator of a car’s condition.

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