Couple go off-grid to live in Alaska slashing bills by 80 percent

A couple have moved off grid to live in a custom-built home in Alaska reducing their monthly bills by 80 percent.

Lia, 27, and Trevor, 31, left their home in Phoenix Arizona, to move more than 3,600 miles last year to Alaska.

They now have their own supply of water, gas and electricity, and have slashed their monthly bills from $3,500 (£2,900) a month to between $400 (£330) and $700 (£570) a month.

Their electricity comes from solar panels and they use a propane tank for their gas – which they only have to refill twice a year.

Lia said: “The freedom is amazing because of the amount of space we have – we can build anything without having to get a permit.

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“It’s wild to think you can own your own water source too. We can shoot our guns, and nobody bats an eye.

“Firewood we get exclusively from our property – our woodshed was built with 90 percent of materials from our property.

“We rely on ourselves for what we need and other off-gridders nearby – It’s a tight community for sure.”

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Trevor works as a welder in a nearby town while Lia spends her time sharing about their off-grid lifestyle on social media.

They said they were drawn to the idea of living off grid because of the idea of providing for their own needs, and this was reaffirmed during the coronavirus pandemic.

They purchased the plot of land for $35,000 (£29,000) and spent another $18,000 (£14,700) on building the shed plus $4,000 (£3,300) to kit it out.

Lia said: “Our biggest goal is to clear more land and start building our dream house. This year we had to get a pole barn up and a woodshed to start clearing more land. We plan to have a large garden and raise sheep for meat and wool.”

They can and prepare their food, which is important for when they are snowed under. They currently can’t grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Lia added: “We enjoy paying less now – we don’t have a mortgage or owe anything on the land and have no outgoings for utilities – it’s quite a relief.”

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