Dad struggling to feed kids after waking up to find he was £1million overdrawn

A dad from Burnley has been left in a state of shock after finding £1million had been withdrawn from his Barclays accounts with no explanation.

Darren Edwards, 41, had two holidays planned – not to mention bills to pay – but has said he’s been “left in the dark” by Barclays who have been unable to provide him with any information about where the funds have gone.

The father of two’s shock discovery came after his card got declined four times while trying to pay at a McDonalds drive-thru.

He paid with cash but after checking his bank account, he found two of his Barclays accounts were an eye-watering £500,000.07 overdrawn.

Since the money was taken last month (April 25), Mr Edwards has said he and his partner have been struggling to provide for their two sons, Alfie, 5, and Declan, 9.

He said: “I have nothing left. I can’t even afford to feed my family anymore.

“My friends and family have been helping me out, but that is also taking a toll on them as they have their own bills.”

Mr Edwards has said he thinks that his account may have been hacked or there has been a transaction error, all the while he’s been unable to get an explanation from Barclays.

He said: “I’ve tried ringing the bank but the woman couldn’t tell me anything, no one would explain what was happening. I went to the bank and was in there for some time but they said the same.”

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“We had plans to take the kids away to Blackpool over the weekend but we couldn’t do that.”

Mr Edwards also explained how the family had also been saving up for a holiday to America in July, but was just waiting for a good deal before booking.

He said: “We can’t do that anymore. Everything is just up in the air at the minute.

“It’s a shock that everything’s gone. It ruined the bank holiday for the family and put a strain on everything else.”

A spokesperson for Barclays told The Oldham Times: “Barclays is complying with its legal and regulatory obligations.

“We are unable to share any further information.” has contacted Barclays Bank for further comment.

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