Daily Beast reporter calls Israeli soldiers 'genocidal' in 'Jeopardy' host hit piece

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The Daily Beast is getting slammed online after publishing an article not only critical of the new “Jeopardy” host Mayim Bialik, but also used the piece to label Israeli soldiers as “genocidal.” 

Reporter Tirhakah Love criticized Bialik following the announcement that she would help take over hosting duties for the game show after beloved host Alex Trebek’s death.

Although the article primarily focused on her vaccine hesitation and promoting “self-protecting and wise” decisions in the wake of Harvey Weinstein’s scandals, Love also attacked Bialik’s past donations to the “genocidal” Israeli Defense Forces.

“Speaking of gods and shady behavior, Bialik loudly proclaimed her donation toward bulletproof vests for the genocidal Israeli Defense Forces back in 2014 just out of ‘a need to do something.’ After facing backlash, she quieted for a time until May of this year, where she self-identified as a ‘liberal Zionist’ who, like many other celebrities, spouted bothsidesism,” Love wrote.

In May Bialik spoke out against the ongoing violence between Israel and the Gaza strip.

“Israel deserves to live as an autonomous free and safe nation. The Palestinian people deserve the same. What is happening now by extremists on both sides is tragic. It’s horrendous. It’s unacceptable. And I have to hold out hope that peace and justice will prevail,” she said.

Producer Mike Richards was also announced as a new permanent host for ‘Jeopardy’ after a series of guest hosts. Although Richards previously hosted the game show, his appointment faced backlash from online fans.

Love also criticized Richards’ appointment as well as Bialik as affronts to diversity and inclusion.

“For Bialik, she was a part of the competitive action whose selection could easily be spun as a diversity hire if we didn’t know all that we do about how diversity and inclusion policies have historically privileged white women (or perhaps to provide cover for Richards, in light of the resurfaced sexism allegations).,” Love wrote.

On Friday, Love continued his criticism of Israel by defining Zionism as an “articulation of white supremacy.”

He responded to a tweet that said “Define Zionism” by calling it “a faux ethno-religious liberation movement that is staunchly imperialistic as it’s an extension of british colonialism and an articulation of white supremacy.” 

Love received pushback from his tweet. NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik called the tweet “anti-Semitic.” 

Love doubled down on his belief that Zionism is tied to White supremacy by retweeting posts that were defending him and making the same point. 

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