DeSantis rips '60 Minutes' for selectively edited 'hit job': 'Ambulance chasers with a microphone'

DeSantis rips ’60 Minutes’ over deceptively edited clip: ‘Ambulance chasers with a microphone’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis rips ‘partisan’ corporate media over ‘selectively edited’ ’60 Minutes’ segment.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ripped into “60 minutes” during a lengthy Tuesday segment on “Fox & Friends,” after CBS selectively edited a clip and accused the governor of a pay-top-play scheme involving his vaccine rollout and the grocery store chain Publix. 


RON DESANTIS: All [CBS] were looking to do was a hit job on me to try to smear me just because I’m in the other party than them. That’s the only reason. You know, they’re based in New York. What do they do with the Governor of New York who’s in their party? They do puff pieces. They do all this stuff.

Would you rather get a vaccine as a senior in Florida or up in New York? Obviously, we’ve done a much better job of protecting seniors. A lot of people were leaving New York to try to come and get vaccines here.

So, this is partisan corporate media and I think at this point these people like this reporter they’re basically ambulance chasers with a microphone. They are not trustworthy. They lie. We know they’re lying, they know that we know that they’re lying and yet they lie and they lie and they lie.

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