Dr. Jill Biden, First Lady Melania Trump and the President’s Family Look on at First Debate

On Tuesday night, the presidential candidates' families were in the same room for the first time this campaign season as President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden engaged in an often contentious debate.

Both Biden and Trump's spouses joined them on stage after the heated hour-and-a-half event, which saw Trump regularly try to talk over his rival while Biden responded with open disdain for his "unpresidential" behavior.

At night's end, former Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden wore a mask as she walked on stage to hug and kiss her husband after a mask-less First Lady Melania Trump hugged and stood next to the president.

Trump's adult children — Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump and Tiffany Trump — all sat in attendance with the first lady, who wore a black pinstripe suit and did wear a protective face mask as she arrived.

The families for both candidates sat distant from one another during the debate, due to COVID-19 health recommendations, while the two groups made up much of the sparse audience, which had been slimmed down and screened as a precaution.

Ivanka Trump, a White House senior adviser and the president's oldest daughter, tweeted a photo of her, her stepmom, sister Tiffany and her sister-in-law, Lara Trump, all wearing masks before the event.

″Let's go!″ Ivanka, 38, wrote.

The Trumps were not seen wearing masks during or after the debate, while Dr. Biden wore one both during and after the event ended.

″Joe's ready," Dr. Biden tweeted before the event, along with a pair of heart emojis.

The former second lady wore a green, long-sleeved dress, which she changed into prior to the event, having traveled to Ohio earlier in the night after campaigning for her husband in Michigan along with Chasten Buttigieg.

On Sunday, Dr. Biden told CNN that her 77-year-old husband was ready to take on Trump, 74, in the opening debate.

"One of the things I'm excited for is when the American people see Joe Biden up there on stage, they're going to see what a president looks like," she said. "Someone who is calm, steady, strong, resilient."

Trump had repeatedly suggested Biden was too frail to successfully face off against him, though Trump more recently claimed without evidence that Biden must be using performance-enhancing drugs (leading to a sarcastic tweet about that from Biden on debate night).

″If you go back and watch some of those numerous debates, he was so bad," Trump told the Washington Examiner of Biden in August. ″He wasn't even coherent.″

The candidates' feelings for one another quickly became clear Tuesday night as the debate repeatedly devolved into both of them arguing over one another, as moderator Chris Wallace attempted to redirect their attention to his questions.

Wallace chided Trump for being the one who was ″doing more interrupting.″

At one point, as Trump continuously interjected during Biden's response to a question about climate change, the Democratic candidate forgot Wallace's initial question due to the squabbling.

“I don’t remember all his rantings,” Biden told Wallace, attempting to recall what the moderator had exactly asked.

“I’m having a little trouble myself,” Wallace, 72, said, laughing.

Trump appeared to enjoy his family's support during the debate, for his own part, pointing to them afterwards in the crowd as an unidentified audience member shouted that they believed he was ″the greatest president.″

During the debate, however, Biden told Trump he felt otherwise: “You are the worst president America has ever had."

The next presidential debate will take place Oct. 15 in Miami.

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