Driver shares 10-second cleaning hack which gets foggy headlights spotless in seconds & people say it’s saved them 100s

THIS woman used a super fast, super cheap hack to clear the fog on her car headlights, and commenters can’t wait to try it.

One viewer even said he'd save $900 by using the genius hack.

In the viral video clip, Tiktok user Stacey shows exactly how she gets her headlights looking as good as new. 

Firstly, you’ll need to take a lemon and cut it in half.

Then simply dip the lemon into bicarbonate of soda.

Finally, you just need to use a little bit of elbow grease and rub the bicarbonate of soda covered lemon all over your misty headlights.

Stacey shows in her demonstration that her headlights are visibly clearer and cleaner within seconds.

Some commenters slammed Stacey for not buying new headlights instead, but many people came to her defense.

“I love when people comment and say you could just buy new ones, not everyone has the money to buy new ones, what’s wrong with reduce, reuse, recycle”, said one.

Another added: “Why would she buy new ones if she has perfectly good ones that she cleaned in 30 seconds?”

A commenter who had already tried the hack recommended Stacey’s method: “I did it too, so far it’s been over a week and still looks clear.”

Loads of car owners couldn’t wait to try the hack themselves.

“AWESOME I’M DEFINITELY DOING THIS ON MY OWN CAR” exclaimed one commenter, while a second wrote: “I need to try.”

“I hope this works, I can’t wait to try it”, added a third. 

One man said the hack could save him hundreds.

He wrote: “Ugh yeah my lexus headlights are $900 for a new set so… lemon and baking soda here we go!”

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