Drivers are only just realising they can parallel park perfectly every time with expert’s fool-proof tips | The Sun

DRIVERS have been left stunned after discovering they can parallel park perfectly every time by following an expert's fool-proof tips.

The car guru claims that her parking tips will be of real interest to new drivers, or those that aren't particularly confident with certain manoeuvres.

TikTok user @dongcheshijie, with more than two million followers, said that the first step is to obviously fasten your seatbelt.

She explained: "Then we drive our car parallel to the parking space. When the mirrors of the car are aligned with the car next to it, put in reverse gear, turn the steering wheel all the way to the right and reverse the car.

"When you see all the headlights of the car behind you, in the left rearview mirror, turn the steering wheel back upright and reverse the car.

"When you see the door handle and the curve intersecting in the right rearview mirror, turn the steering wheel fully to the left, and you can park in the parking space smoothly."


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The video has gone viral on social media with more than six million views, and users have been left blown away after discovering the perfect way to parallel park their cars.

One said: "I should’ve seen this before I failed parallel parking in my driving test."

Another said: "I have learned it. Thank you, sister."

A third pointed out: "I literally learned how to parallel park because of this video. Every time I parallel park, I remember the steps."

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