Drivers urged to do two simple things that will help you save £100s on fuel as prices SOAR again | The Sun

THERE are two things drivers need to think about when filling up their car that could save them £100s in fuel costs.

This comes as the prices of petrol and diesel in Britain have continued to rise, despite wholesale costs dropping.

The RAC's latest figures from its Fuel Watch service show the average cost of petrol is currently 187.01p per litre. 

That's an increase of almost 2p in a week and a huge leap of more than 56p since last year, when prices were 130.69p.

It's more bad news with diesel, which currently stands at an average price of 193.30p per litre.

According to the RAC, these prices are only going to rise further over the coming days and weeks.

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However, there are a couple of things drivers can do to ensure they are getting the best prices.

Despite rumours that supermarket fuel is of a lower quality, this isn't true, and the economies of scale supermarkets offer means they're often cheaper to fill up at.

In fact, some experts estimate that drivers could save as much as £75 over a year by buying their fuel at a supermarket.

On top of this, there are often vouchers for money off fuel if you do your shopping in the supermarket itself.


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When at the pump, the other thing to keep in mind is the different grades of fuel available.

Premium fuels are proven to bring slight advantages to power, smoothness and efficiency, but the margins are tiny.

If you have a high performance car with a highly-strung engine it's worth considering, but for the vast majority of drivers it just isn't worth it.

The RAC shows the current average price of premium petrol to be 198.63p per litre – around 11p per litre more than standard grade.

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