Energy crisis: Expert warns homeowners not to ‘overcrowd’ fridge and freezer to save money

Martin Lewis discusses switching energy bills

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Britain is in the grips of a potential energy crisis with several energy firms already going bust in the last few weeks including Green and Avro. From October 1, the energy price cap will rise by 12 percent for dual fuel which will see some household bills increase by potentially hundreds. The price cap is the maximum your supplier can charge you for a unit of energy and applies to standard rate tariffs.

Those on fixed-term tariffs will have their unit prices fixed unless their supplier goes bust.

Households with average gas and electricity consumption will pay £1,277 per year.

If you’re concerned about your energy bills increasing over the next few months, there are some small changes you can make.

The team at Filter King, a subscription service that delivers air filters, have shared some helpful tips on the best ways to lower your electricity bill.

One of the most unusual hacks the team shared is not “overcrowding” your fridge or freezer.

According to the experts, overfilling could mean your appliance will struggle to keep items of food cold.

This means your fridge or freezer will be working harder than it needs to keep your food cold.

Make sure you don’t overcrowd your fridge or freezer so the items inside can be kept at the correct temperature.

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Your fridge will only use the electricity it needs which will save you money.

Another handy hack from the team is to turn off the heated drying system on your dishwasher.

Many homeowners aren’t aware you can switch this off.

However, a dishwasher heats the air it produces to dry your dishes.

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By turning this setting off, your dishes will dry while in the dishwasher without you having to use more power.

Using dimmer switches on lights is another way you can save money on your electricity bills.

Britons are likely to start using their lights more often in the mornings and evenings as it gets darker.

Lights are one of the biggest contributors towards electricity bulls so dimmer switches are a great way to save money.

Rick Hoskin, founder of Filter King said himself and his team “understand how expensive the cost of electricity can be”.

He continued: “We wanted to share these hacks to make people aware that there are an endless number of changes you can make within your home, that will benefit you financially.

“It doesn’t have to come with an initial cost attached to them.

“Whether it’s drying your laundry outdoors or installing dimmer switches on your lights, it’s worth getting to grips with the simple changes you can make which will result in lowering your monthly outgoings and becoming more financially savvy all round.”

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