Estate agent warns that homes with a ‘questionable history’ could ‘lose value’

Property expert Ryan Fitzgerald of Raleigh Realty, has shared whether having a resident ghost could increase the value of your home or decrease it.

The estate agent claimed that for some people, a home with a checkered past could be worth more.

He said: “Specific types of people are looking for specific types of properties and they want to own a unique property that has history, or interesting stories behind them.

“A home with a story can fetch up to 10 percent more than the true market value based on the unique desirability of the property.”

For an average UK home, a resident ghost could add up to £28,800 in value, according to the expert.

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According to Ryan, homes with a rich history or interesting story can increase the value of the property as the home is immediately recognised as being unique.

However, not all homebuyers are keen on buying such unique properties.

Before buying a haunted house, or a home with an interesting back story, Ryan said prospective buyers need to think about how this could have an impact on the home’s resale value.

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He said: “Even if living in a haunted house isn’t something that bothers you too much, or the thought of residing with a ghost is something that intrigues you, you should still consider how it could impact future sales.

“Not all buyers will be happy about living in a haunted property, which will severely reduce the pool of prospective buyers down the line.

“One study I read found that 83 percent of estate agents had claimed that a property with noticeable history can lose between 11-20 percent of its value, because Britons are scared of buying property with questionable history.”

But he also said he had read another study where homes that are known to be haunted

“Yet, another study claimed that properties in ‘paranormal postcodes’ were priced 12 percent higher than the average home in the same area.

“Living near a well-known haunted location could actually add over £50,000 to a home’s asking price.”

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