Ex-Lincoln Project adviser who published female co-founder's private messages now advising House Dems

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Fallout for CNN’s Chris Cuomo after he inappropriately advised his brother Andrew on handling harassment allegations and more round today’s top media headlines.

Former Lincoln Project senior adviser Kurt Bardella, who admitted publishing private messages of the group’s only female co-founder during the organization’s meltdown this year, has joined the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as an adviser.

It’s not clear when he joined the DCCC, which works to fundraise for and elect House Democrats.

Bardella, the former GOP flack who is now a solidly left-wing-commentator, was introduced Thursday with his new title by an MSNBC host who’s gone on a similar track, Nicolle Wallace. She went from the George W. Bush administration to become one of the most fervent anti-Republican voices on cable news.

Bardella, a frequent MSNBC guest, quit the Lincoln Project and called for it to shut down in February after the anti-Trump organization crumbled over allegations of covering up co-founder John Weaver’s online sexual harassment of young, gay men, questions about self-dealing and questionable finances, and reports of a toxic work environment.

When co-founder Jennifer Horn announced her resignation over disgust with Weaver’s conduct, the group attacked her and accused Horn of seeking an exorbitant salary that the board wasn’t willing to pay. The Lincoln Project then took the widely panned step of publishing private Twitter messages between Horn and reporter Amanda Becker. Although co-founder Steve Schmidt ultimately took responsibility for the decision to release the messages, it turned out Bardella was the one who published them.

“Last month, Steve Schmidt published a statement that included an apology to Jennifer Horn & Amanda Becker for the posting of their DMs on The Lincoln Project’s Twitter,” Bardella wrote in March. “While I had no role obtaining those messages, I was instructed to post them and much to my regret, I did. I wish I had refused, but honestly, by that point, there just wasn’t any fight left in me and I resigned the next morning.”

Bardella recently told Wallace his former party was a threat to the country on par with the al-Qaeda terrorist organization.

The DCCC did not return a request for comment.

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