Expert shares ‘simple’ tips to cut heat loss in ‘worst offending’ area

Chimney Sheep: How to choose the correct draught excluder

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Household energy bills have risen sharply over the past few months and are only expected to spike again when the energy price guarantee rises to £3,000 a year in April, up from the current rate of £2,500. However, there are ways people can save energy and lower costs with a few “simple” tricks, Georgina Burnett, the Home Genie, told ITV This Morning’s viewers today.

During Friday morning’s show, Ms Burnett visited a viewer in her own home who was struggling with sky-rocketing energy prices and demonstrated some easy and affordable hacks to help keep the cold out.

The first area Ms Burnett addressed was the front door, describing it as “the place to start”.

Using a thermal camera to identify the cold spots, Ms Burnett found the letterbox was “the worst offender”.

Ms Burnett said: “Addressing the worst offender, you can simply stop this by using a letterbox brush cover.”

And for those who want to “double down” on excluding draughts and keeping the heat in, Ms Burnett said: “You can also add a door curtain.”

She said that this can be done by drilling a rail above the door and adding on a charity shop curtain. To go that one step further and keep costs even lower – Ms Burnett said viewers just needed an old pair of jeans.

She explained: “You know that old pair of jeans that you’re never going to fit into again? I’ve got an easy way to turn them into draught excluders without even having to sew.”

Ms Burnett said: “Start by cutting off the legs, then stuff them with old socks, fabric, or even newspaper.”

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Once these are filled, Ms Burnette said to simply tie up the end.

She said: “There you have it, your no-sew five-minute draught excluder.”

But that’s not where the tips end. Moving on to address the fireplace, which is another area renowned for causing draughts, Ms Burnett said: “There are solutions you can buy, like a chimney balloon, which you shove up and inflate.”

Or, she continued: “You can make your own version with a plastic bag and some newspaper.”

She said: “Take your plastic bag and fill it with some newspaper or your chosen insulation, then tie your bag together using some string.

“Position your bag in the chimney breast, allowing your string to hang down so you can retrieve it if you need to use the fireplace.”

Draughty window problems can be solved using some film and tape, according to Ms Burnett.

She said: “First, cut your film to size. Carefully stick your film all the way around the window using double-sided tape, keeping the film as taut as you can. Once you have your film in place, cut away any excess.”

Next, she said: “Take a hairdryer and carefully glide the heat over the film. This will shrink the film and tighten your seal.”

Ms Burnett described the tips as heating the human rather than the whole home and coupled with the use of a heated blanket and less use of central heating, Ms Burnett said the changes could “help save well over £1,000 a year.”

This Morning airs on weekdays from 10am on ITV.

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